Katahdin Woods & Waters

Recently we did some exploring at Katahdin Woods & Waters in Northern Penobscot County here in Maine.  This piece of wilderness (former timber land) has been opened up for recreation and exploring.  It was a beautiful day to enjoy a beautiful view!


At a scenic look out, overlooking the millinocket region.  It was a hazy but beautiful day.DSC_0144_9929


Flat Stanley was with us for the weekend, unfortunately Maeve was asleep in the car for much of this trip, so John gives ol’stanley a go:


Family photo:


More gorgeous views of Mt Katahdin:


East branch of the Penobscot river at Whetstone:



Maeve, Flat Stanley & Me at Whetstone:



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Lincolnville Beach

A last-minute trip to one of our favorite spots – way to cool for swimming, but just perfect for other play.

Watching the ferry come in and trying not to get wet:


DSC_0082_0018 DSC_0065_0002 DSC_0062_9999 DSC_0057_9994

So carefully looking at shells and rocks….DSC_0054_9991

Working on her Lasso skills (current obsession courtesy of Sheriff Callie):DSC_0045_9982

Enjoying the beach:DSC_0039_9976J

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Bike Parade

Our hometown celebrated a bicentennial this summer and the town put together quite a string of events, carnival, parade, street party etc – all kicked off by the bike parade.  It was a disney theme and Maeve dressed a Sophia First and insisted that her bike be rainbow themed.  So Maeve and I spent some time the evening before adorning her bike with garland and rainbow streamers.  At one point she told me how much she loved decorating :).



She had a great time – it was a treat to ride on the road!   She also had her first real broken heart though – oh to not win a trophy is so hard when you are 3.

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Riding Lessons

Maeve has been taking a few riding lessons at a local arena.  She seems to be pretty comfortable with the whole thing, lots of smiles.  Her teacher is just lovely, she really does a wonderful job!  Here is Casie talking with Maeve about getting on ‘Jibby’ the horse.


John looks on:


Walking around the arena:DSC_0006_0062




Way to go Maeve & good boy Jibby!!







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Strawberry picking

After the Burgess family reunion in Arrowsic this summer, John, Maeve and I stayed at Mike and Alisons.  While Mike and John worked on the earth work for their new garage, Alison and I took Maeve berry picking:

DSC_0320_9609 Pretty serious stuff!DSC_0317_9606


Maeve and Me:DSC_0310_9599

With her Aunt Alison:DSC_0305_9594 DSC_0299_9588

Working hard!DSC_0294_9583

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lobster feed

We recently got to meet our dear rachel’s parents, which gave us an excuse for a lobster, corn, clam feed!  Thanks Rach!

DSC_0280_9652 DSC_0272_9644 DSC_0264_9636 DSC_0263_9635 DSC_0260_9632 DSC_0256_9627 DSC_0252_9624

John & Maeve tried out her new fishing pole:


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On a recent day off, Em and I took the kids to Belfast to play on the playground, have a picnic and explore the beach:


Looking for seaglass:DSC_0222_9657

Rock throwing competitions:DSC_0227_9662 DSC_0227_9662 DSC_0231_9666 DSC_0231_9666 DSC_0236_9671

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