Riding Lessons

Maeve has been taking a few riding lessons at a local arena.  She seems to be pretty comfortable with the whole thing, lots of smiles.  Her teacher is just lovely, she really does a wonderful job!  Here is Casie talking with Maeve about getting on ‘Jibby’ the horse.


John looks on:


Walking around the arena:DSC_0006_0062




Way to go Maeve & good boy Jibby!!







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Strawberry picking

After the Burgess family reunion in Arrowsic this summer, John, Maeve and I stayed at Mike and Alisons.  While Mike and John worked on the earth work for their new garage, Alison and I took Maeve berry picking:

DSC_0320_9609 Pretty serious stuff!DSC_0317_9606


Maeve and Me:DSC_0310_9599

With her Aunt Alison:DSC_0305_9594 DSC_0299_9588

Working hard!DSC_0294_9583

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lobster feed

We recently got to meet our dear rachel’s parents, which gave us an excuse for a lobster, corn, clam feed!  Thanks Rach!

DSC_0280_9652 DSC_0272_9644 DSC_0264_9636 DSC_0263_9635 DSC_0260_9632 DSC_0256_9627 DSC_0252_9624

John & Maeve tried out her new fishing pole:


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On a recent day off, Em and I took the kids to Belfast to play on the playground, have a picnic and explore the beach:


Looking for seaglass:DSC_0222_9657

Rock throwing competitions:DSC_0227_9662 DSC_0227_9662 DSC_0231_9666 DSC_0231_9666 DSC_0236_9671

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A few things from just being around the house.

Maeve helps John make breakfast:

DSC_0219_9692 DSC_0214_9687 DSC_0212_9685


Painting Grammy Rush’s nails:

DSC_0208_9699 DSC_0202_9693

At the farm some very serious girls watching TV (Sheriff Callie is a staple these days):

DSC_0194_9736 DSC_0200_9742


Maeve has taken to talking a like they do on sheriff callie (ie. ‘wait one corn popping minute’ and ‘on account of I’m the deputy’…).  She also says ‘stop coffee-ing me’ instead of ‘stop copying me’ – though this one is not related to sheriff callie.  Oh and Maeve recently rode a ‘paris wheel’ at the local ‘carnibal’ with her grampy.

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random phone pics

A few fun pics from my phone over the last few months.

Some time at camp:

IMG_2294 20140525_190832(0)_resized

Hanging with Laim after the pineland 10k:20140524_143950_resized

Sleeping at camp:20140622_145831_resized 20140622_145106_resized

Bike Riding – she LOVES to ride together to camp!20140615_153904_resized 20140615_153839_resized

More hammock napping:20140622_145814_resized

Hay Season has begun:20140629_190249_resized

And Maeve’s first horse riding experience!  This was at a neighbors house, since then she has started riding lessons…20140614_174229_resized 20140614_174413_resized

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Memorial Day

We enjoyed our local memorial day parade earlier this summer – complete with Lizzie driving along side john in the fire truck!!!  Lizzie was VERY excited (rightly so!):

DSC_0190_9731 DSC_0187_9729 DSC_0184_9726 DSC_0178_9720 DSC_0176_9718 DSC_0166_9708

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