Settling & #800!

This just happens to be my 800th post!  Just wanted to share a few photos from around the house.  Now that we are getting more settled, things are returning to something more normal and comfortable.

Maeve has been making HUGE strides in writing and knowing her letters.  She loves drawing, making books, cards and lists.  She also loves her weekly project days at school.  Here she is working very diligently and carefully – she is getting to use a permanent marker, which as you can probably imagine, is a special thing:

DSC_0274-1 DSC_0269-1 DSC_0271-1


And she seems to be settled right into her new space in the new house (she requested a ‘rainbow room’, but more on that later):


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Fair fun

We have managed to fit in some fun here and there, around unpacking boxes, replacing windows and generally getting settled.  Maeve and I spent an afternoon at the Common Ground Country Fair – where she had her face painted:

DSC_0239-1 DSC_0235-1


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So, the big event of this late summer, early fall, was that we moved!!!  It has been all-consuming; exciting and exhausting at the same time (thus the absence in this space). There is much more to come about our ‘new’ place (a 165 year old former stage-coach stop) but for now, a few photos of Maeve moving some of her favorite things:

DSC_0230-1 DSC_0226-1 DSC_0213-1 DSC_0215-1And then after a long day of moving (Mike & Alisons brand new puppy, Riley, rests with her):



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Pirate Parade

One of our neighboring towns had their annual parade a few weeks ago and Maeve’s school put in a float – it was pirate themed.  A few of my favorite pics from the day:


Lizzie had a great time (Martin too!)DSC_0202-1


Maeve’s teacher, Laurie:DSC_0195-1 DSC_0190-1

Classmates & friends from Kidsville:DSC_0187-1 DSC_0185-1 DSC_0182-1 DSC_0169-1 DSC_0166-1 DSC_0164-1

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1st day of school 2014

Ready for the first day of pre-school at kidsville:



This is her favorite dress these day’s because it is ‘spinny’.

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Rock Painting Party

Maeve invited her cousins over for a rock painting party late this summer – it was great fun.   By the time I got the camera out, Liz & Martin had moved onto something else, but Maeve was in paint up to her elbows:

DSC_0089-1 DSC_0099-1 DSC_0107-1 DSC_0116-1

After the painting was done, uncle John took them to explore/adventure in the woods:DSC_0118-1

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summer swimming

Lots of fun on the lake this summer – from the ‘ski trainer’ (wish I had a photo, but this was a HUGE success) to making progress on the swimming front.  Here are some photos from a late summer swim:

DSC_0009-1 DSC_0060-1 DSC_0062-1 DSC_0058-1

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